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Ghost stories and hauntings in Seattle

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A community dedicated to local ghost stories. Feel free to post anything you think the membership would find interesting. We'd prefer stories of actual hauntings, however. AS much as I dislike rules, the public nature of the community makes a few necessary. So, please observe the following:

+ No flaming, or personal attacks. This group is open to both skeptics and believers, of all types. Differing views must be tolerated. Failure to respect your fellow members will get you deleted.

+ Anomalous pictures/ghost photos are welcome. The first pic can be out in the open, but please put any additional photos in the post behind a cut.

+ No spamming, and/or advertising. Any links to other websites or services MUST be related to hauntings and/or ghost hunting in some way. Spamming the group with sites offering XXX teen low-rate mortgages for Christian singles on discount viagra will piss everyone off, and get you banned.

Um... that's all I can think of.

So, post away!