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Thu, May. 17th, 2007, 12:39 am
tac_neural: ok...

Roll call...

Who's still paying attention, and wants to start investigating hauntings?

I seem to have found myself on an extended vacation of sorts (w00t!) so, time is free... also, I got the tools, and I got the talent. ;)

Seriously, though... what's up?

Sat, Feb. 17th, 2007, 02:17 pm
azalea581: (no subject)

Anyone alive here?

Tue, Dec. 27th, 2005, 02:13 am
rayce: (no subject)

vacillate were chatting with my web cam on because she wanted to see my lack of eyebrows. Out of the blue this conversation happens.

I never saw the white figure because I was bouncing between windows.

Mizz Anthropy says:
I swear I just saw someone walking behind you.
Mizz Anthropy says:
Like, real fast, to your left.
Mizz Anthropy says:
Sorta...weird whitish, into the kitchen.
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
holly shit! like a white dress?
Mizz Anthropy says:
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
holy shit.. you saw her on my web cam!
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
that is awesome!
Mizz Anthropy says:
What! Who!
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
Jay's ex-girlfriend died in a car accident and has been with him every since. She died in a white dress
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
this was when he was in high school
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
I saw her twice before I mentioned it to him
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
and he went 'Wow. She must like you"
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
seen leaning over him when he is sleeping too
Mizz Anthropy says:
That's so weird..and I just saw her? How fucking cool is that?!
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
you saw our ghostie
Rayce is a meat popsicle says:
that is awesome!

Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005, 03:14 pm
rayce: Regarding Wolfman's post

Wolfman just made a post about going on a ghost hunt. Seems he got excited and jumped the gun LOL. I was going to post about it as soon as I got back from Maui next weekend so we could all plan to go out to Fort Casey.

Recently I went to Fort Casey located on Whidby Island and something touched me in one of the rooms. I thought this would be a perfect place to do our first ghost hunt since there is no electricity, the walls are made of thick cement and no running water so it is a perfect clean environment with nothing to interfer with our readings.

I'm going to call the Park Rangers when I get back next weekend to see if we can get access to the place at night.

So if you are interested, comment here!

Tue, Sep. 13th, 2005, 06:00 pm
thewulfman: How soon are we going?

Hello all,

I was just curious on how soon were gonna be going, If its the equipment we need you guys (co-workers) and you know who you are, let me know on what you want me to get and I'll get it. I've come across lots of sites that sell the equipment online. So, let me know. I apologize for getting ansy....I just really wanna go. We have places to see and experience and I can guarantee we'll have a blast. Lets make it happen.


Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 06:13 pm
geekmetal: Death

Tomarrow is the Anniversary of the death of my friend bear_brown he hung himself off the back porch.. i'll be at the house all by myself tomarrow night. your welcome to come over if ya want.. i dont expect to hear or see anything but all my roomies will be out of the house. so if they dont want to be here tomarrow night it might just be they are still dealing with his death or that they dont want to be visited.

Fri, Jul. 29th, 2005, 09:35 pm
rayce: Some amazing ghost video

I know these are not in Seattle but I just came across something AMAZING!

Note: post edited because the links didn't work.

These are real player files.

Go here and play "The Walking Figure" 224Kb

Title: Gpixwom
Author: The G.I.S.
Copyright: ©2001 The G.I.S.
The G.I.S. Was invited by a man named Troy of The Utah Ghost Organization U.G.O on an investigation to an old abandoned school built in the 1890s. The school is located in a mining town in Utah. Two of the people who were there that night were Nick (who shot this) and his friend Shaun, (who is the man on the right in the video). You will see a woman walking in front of Shaun and Barbara in the hallway. She is wearing a dress. There was no one there that night wearing a dress. Could she be a school teacher of long ago, who does not know that school is out? The G.I.S. would like to thank Shaun for allowing us to post this wonderful video.

Note from me: The woman is VERY clear. If you replay it a few times and watch the doorway very closely you can see her transparent as she walks from the room. Her legs are not there but you can see the movement and her arm. And by the time she passes the man there, she is solid. You can even tell she looks right at him before turning away and going across the hall.

Go here and play "Shadow Walker" 232Kb

Title: Shmanrem
Author: The G.I.S.
Copyright: ©2001 The G.I.S.
In this file you will see what looks like the apparition of a stocky man appear at the right of the screen, walk down the isle and disappear in front of the camera. This video was recorded in the auditorium of a very old school. The school has had numerous reports of haunting activity. This video was recorded by Barbara.

Note from me: This is amazing! The shadow figure is VERY clearly seen. The moment it moves into the light, it just vanishes as though the light keeps it from showing itself.

These have to be two of the best "ghost" videos I have ever seen. And since I spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at work digging through site after site just out of sheer boredom, I've seen a lot of ghost videos.

Wed, Jul. 27th, 2005, 07:54 pm
punky_pen: Memeber intro...

I've always battled with the idea of ghosts. Part of me wants to think that it's just our minds messing with us, falling for the power of suggestion. Not as a skeptic, but because that would be a lot less scary. Honestly though, I probably wouldn't move into a house or apartment if I thought it was haunted, or haunted with something scary. I have lived in places I thought were haunted, but I was also under a lot of stress in those places too so it's hard to tell if those things were real or not. Maybe some day, if I get the nerve, I'll go on a Seattle ghost search... or maybe not.

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 10:50 pm
generalchaos: (no subject)

Hello - just thought this might be useful, if you haven't seen it before.


I haven't seen anything *particularly* noteworthy in the 6+ years I've lived here, just some odd feelings here and there about certain places..

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 08:00 am
rayce: (no subject)

I think Tiffany is onto something here. How about everyone who is willing make a post explaining your belief system on the paranormal and tell us about any places you have been in Seattle that you feel are haunted and why.

Myself. I guess you could call me an open minded skeptic. I believe in Science and what I can see or experience. It is because of my own experiences with the unexplained that I find myself interested in the study of paranormal activity. But I'm also a logical mind so I try to find realistic explanations for things before chalking it up to the paranormal. For instance, I don't believe in "orbs". I do believe that orbs do happen sometimes but the majority of the "orb" photos out there are called lens flare. It is caused by the flash being located directly next to the lens which is common on the majority of digital cameras that people use for paranormal investigations. I also get sick of people going "it is just dust" because the majority of time it isn't. If you are going to debunk something, at least make an effort to figure out what the anomoly actually is.

The only location in Seattle I have been to that I am positive is haunted is never on any of those lists. It is the Central Tavern in Pioneer Square. I'm not sure if the tavern itself is haunted but the upstairs definately is.

When I first moved to Seattle back in 2000, I worked on the top floor above the tavern. I tended to work evenings when no one was in the office because I could work whatever schedule I wanted, as long as I made my deadlines. When I first started working there I noticed the sounds of someone moving around the office. The walls of my office did not reach all the way to the ceiling and the ceiling was vaulted so I could hear everything going on in the main part of the office. Every night things would bang around, doors would open and close, etc.

I thought it was a cleaning person. After a few days of not having my trash emptied, I asked the office manager about the cleaning people figuring maybe they were too shy to go in my office when I was in there. She then informed me that there was no cleaning staff and we had to do that ourselves. After that conversation I started getting up when I heard the sounds but there was never anyone there.

Then one night I was leaving and I could have sworn I spotted an older woman with a bun on the top of her head, long skirt and a white shirt that looked straight out of the 1800's. I looked right at her for a split second as I turned my head. When I looked back, she was gone.

A little history on the place is that the floors above the central were originally the rooms where the whores from the central took their customers. Then it was apartments and then it became offices. I've always wanted to take a group back there to investigate.

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