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Tue, Aug. 30th, 2005, 06:13 pm
geekmetal: Death

Tomarrow is the Anniversary of the death of my friend bear_brown he hung himself off the back porch.. i'll be at the house all by myself tomarrow night. your welcome to come over if ya want.. i dont expect to hear or see anything but all my roomies will be out of the house. so if they dont want to be here tomarrow night it might just be they are still dealing with his death or that they dont want to be visited.

Wed, Aug. 31st, 2005 01:57 am (UTC)

I never thought of doing that as a memorial of a death. It would be cool if you see his ghost. Maybe you should play his favorite song.

Thu, Sep. 1st, 2005 05:10 am (UTC)

Hey Taz, lemme know how things go tonight...I honestly think he's passed, doesnt mean that your house isnt though....oh and also I think that Ghost Hunters show is staged...