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Wed, Jul. 27th, 2005, 07:54 pm
punky_pen: Memeber intro...

I've always battled with the idea of ghosts. Part of me wants to think that it's just our minds messing with us, falling for the power of suggestion. Not as a skeptic, but because that would be a lot less scary. Honestly though, I probably wouldn't move into a house or apartment if I thought it was haunted, or haunted with something scary. I have lived in places I thought were haunted, but I was also under a lot of stress in those places too so it's hard to tell if those things were real or not. Maybe some day, if I get the nerve, I'll go on a Seattle ghost search... or maybe not.

Sat, Jul. 30th, 2005 06:03 am (UTC)

Honestly, ghosts scare the shit out of me but it is my fear of death that causes me to chase after the proof they are there. The proof that we do not just simply cease to exist.

Even though I'm fascinated with ghosts and have lived in a few haunted places, I will avoid living in one if I can. Your home should be a place of safety, not a place where you feel as though you are being watched.

If your interested in coming on a ghost hunt soon let me know. doofybatz and I have plans to go investigate Fort Casey where I was touched in one of the back rooms when I took my daughter and her friend there. Something touched my leg and the girls were nervous about being in the room (before I was touched) when they had been running down pitch black hallways all day without worry.

Thu, Sep. 1st, 2005 06:07 am (UTC)
thewulfman: you should go...

Hello, im new here...but where I moved from (Ca.) I used to have a circle of friends that would go on "ghost-hunting" trips and after a while it got to a point where we were bringing the laptops and cameras and video recorders and i do have to admit you'll see some freaky stuff but its your own fear that you have to worry about. It became more of a curiosity and believe it or not it kind of became "scientific". Alot of times we'll see what Hollywood shows us (movie wise) as far as ghosts and it scares the shit out of us and in the back of our heads thats what we "think" were gonna see...its not always like that...not to mention the more people that go the more exciting it'll be... I wish I still had pictures of the trips that we went on, would share them but I dont (had to wipe my system due to a virus i got) but anyway I guess i could tell you about this one house that we went to. The house is in downtown Sacramento, and from the way that the story goes an older lady by the name of Dorothy Puente lived there. She would bring in the homeless, get them cleaned up,pretty much take them down to start collecting social security for them (she ran like a boarding house for the homeless) well anyhew, she would get them to start collecting the checks and then they would end up missing...

she was doing them in and burying them in the backyard...they found the cut up body parts under her garden...

here's a link to read about what she did...it wasnt that long ago...


but anyway we went to the house and took pics in the middle of the night. They were in the middle of renovating it and puting it up on the market to be sold. Had alot of good pics from the front of the house and also from one room upstairs.